This page explains the technology behind Tweetpond and lists people who have informed and inspired its development.


Tweetpond is built in Adobe Flash CS3 and ActionScript3 using the following publicly available libraries:

Water surface simulation

The algorithm for water surface simulation comes from the book Mathematics for 3D game programming and computer graphics by Eric Lengyel. This algorithm is demonstrated in the following blog posts:

You may also want to read Animating vertices in Papervision3D by Bartek Drozdz.


Tweetpond displays tweet text using standard Flash TextFields that are rendered as part of the 3D scene. This is often called “billboarding” or “point sprites”, and the implementation is based on DisplayObject2D by Blitz Agency, later revised for Papervision3D 2.0 by Sleepy Design.

The version used in Tweetpond solves the Z-ordering issues reported when using DisplayObject2D with Papervision3D 2.0.

Other sources

About this site

The Tweetpond website uses WordPress as the content management system and the brilliant Thematic Theme Framework by Ian Stewart of Themeshaper. The button CSS is borrowed from there as well. The homepage uses parts of Yahoo! UI Library Grids CSS for layout and the “Share this” functionality is provided by AddThis. We also use Joe Sak’s auto fill function for form field input prompts.

Tweetpond is an experiment copyright © 2009 Volkside. All rights reserved.