Q: How do I create direct link to a search

A: It’s pretty easy: http://www.tweetpond.com/s/keyword

Go nuts!

Q: Why are the objects dropping down so quickly?

A: Tweetpond attempts to automatically scale the time axis – vertical dimension – to accomodate the tweet objects depending on how frequently they have been posted. If you search for a word that is posted often, say “funny”, it may be mentioned on Twitter several times per second. This means that the Tweetpond timescale becomes very short, for instance “Now … 0.1 minutes”, and the objects drop down, or age. very quickly.

Right now Tweetpond is not ideal for very frequent or trending topics – if you have ideas on how to address this please let us know.

Q: I’m getting a “Can’t access Twitter, please try again later” message, what’s going on?

A: The most likely answer is that Twitter is overloaded. To confirm this please go to http://search.twitter.com/ and run the same search there, then click on the “Feed for this query” link on the right hand side. If you get an error message like “502 Bad Gateway”, Twitter is at capacity.

Tweetpond relies on Twitter’s search results feed so if you get the above message just sit tight and try again later.

Q: How was Tweetpond built?

Tweetpond is built in Adobe Flash CS3 and ActionScript3 using Papervision3D 2.0, an open source real-time 3D engine.

Please read the About page that explains the technology behind Tweetpond and lists people who have informed and inspired its development.

Q: Who’s behind Tweetpond?

A: Tweetpond is an experiment by Volkside. We are based in Melbourne, Australia and offer user research, interaction design and user experience review services. Read more about us on our website.